Monday, August 31, 2009

Day Three: Saskatchewan and Alberta

The hayfields eventually gave way to rolling tracts of birch and conifer. Finally we began to see moose crossing signs interspersed with the deer signs. Having lived in the US all my life I didn't fail to notice that the Canadian caution signs depicting moose, deer, pedestrians, etc, are somewhat different.

It's hard to say why, except that I think their signs are designed by slightly more imaginative sign makers. The Canadian pedestrian symbol is slightly more bent forward, eager and energetic looking than its USDOT counterpart. Ditto the deer, which is fairly leaping vertically like a porpoise at Seaworld compared to the rather stylized stag depicted on our US deer crossing signs.

We are in Grande Prairie, Alberta tonight, on the verge of meeting up at the start of the Al-Can Highway...

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