Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Harvest Time in Alaska...

And look what we got this year!  On the left is lettuce grown by our next door neighbor. She grew her lettuce directly in the ground. In the forest.

On the right is a lettuce plant grown by me.  Yes, there IS a lettuce there! Look closely.  Second board from the top, kind of near the oval shaped knot.  I planted my seeds in mid-May in raised beds warmed by black plastic mulch that got at least ten hours of full sunlight. We had rain at least once per week through the growing season, and in warm weather I supplemented with hand watering.

Here's everything else I grew.  The entire yield from left to right: salads, carrots, potatoes, cabbage. The orange thing on the right that looks like a bigger carrot is a pencil.  Needless to say this year even the moose didn't show up.