Monday, April 21, 2014

The End of an Era

Hear ye, Hear ye: Simon bought a truck!

OK, not brand new, but pretty goddanged new. A 2006 Ford F-250, 100k miles. He went to an online auction of decomissioned Alyeska pipeline trucks. One friend said: Simon bought a car from THIS CENTURY!  No more stranded mushing trips, no more prayers and sacrificed chickens over the hood of Charlie Brown, who is eclipsed in the photo as Gareth proudly displays the new plates.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Grateful (Not Dead)

I have to just pause and say that I didn't mean to worry anyone.

I still have a roof over my head, firewood, water, diesel, a car that runs, food in the fridge, and even some wine.

A couple of my friends who read this blog sent me words of encouragement. One sent me flowers (digital ones). One called me and said "Don't forget, we're here, just call us!"

One sent me a beautiful book (I haven't read yet).

My brother Bill sent me some Grateful Dead CDs (Dick's Picks, considered the Chateau Margaux of their live albums).

He also loaned me his copy of "Raisin' Cain: the wild and raucous story of Johnny Winter" to read when I'm done with school stuff for the semester.

And I have great neighbors who love to get together for potlucks. I've met about a dozen Kiwis through Simon and Gareth, and 100% of them are the nicest, most fun and easygoing people I've ever met.

We just had a big bash at Simon's last weekend to celebrate some birthdays and catch up.

And my friend Helen and I are planning a "girls day out" next week: shopping, perhaps a spa-type activity, and lunch at a chic little place downtown. I miss my girlfriends, and I really appreciate having a new friend to do stuff like that with (even though she's going back to New Zealand in another couple weeks). So, life is not so bad. In fact, it is more abundant than I sometimes give it credit.

My friend Shawn always reminds me: "It can always be worse." True. Though it's tempting to argue that standing up to your eyeballs in maggots and blood would probably be the ultimate in worse, but that doesn't automatically make me want to fall on my knees and kiss the ground.  I think it's having good times with good people that makes me want to do that. But first I'll wait for all this snow to melt.

Thank you, Dear Ones, for your kindness and good energy! And for not pelting me with bloody maggots!