Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Our own Simon McLoughlin, racing under his Alaskiwi Kennel, is racing in the Gin Gin 200 as we speak!

After an hour delay past the 12:00 noon start time, the intrepid Kiwi--pulled by his loyal team Smoky, Porky, Brownie, Jasper, Polar, Blob, Elsie, Buddha, Toby, Cow, and, of course, Lassie--came blazing out of the starting line at nearly 8 mph!

Track them LIVE on the official Gin Gin 200 race webpage:



image courtesy of Radiomagonline

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Road Trip

Day 1 (Dec 21): we rode for eight hours up the haul road to Toolik Field Station. I accompanied Joe on his 8-day work shift to hang out and spend Christmas in the Low Arctic.

Day 2: I get to play in the giant TFS kitchen!

took a walk to the mailbox:

ptarmigan tracks

Day 3 (12/23): makin Christmas cookies for the DOT guys (me) and green chile chicken enchiladas for dinner (Joe):

Day 4: Christmas EVE: Winter Wonderland!

nearly two o'clock in the afternoon looking S towards the Brooks Range:

Faye gave me the nickname "Baker Betty" after this ;-)

The gingerbread ghetto. I had such trouble getting the roofs on. Good thing I don't build cabins for a living.