Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 1: Wisconsin

Joe spent his early years there, and promptly got nostalgic as we drove first through Milwaukee (a mistake, caused by a map error on my part) and later Madision. The next day we stopped for breakfast somewhere near the Dells, and ordered the potato pancake special which came with two dinnerplate sized potato pancakes, apple sauce, two eggs, and two slices of meat. "Meat" is the Wisconsin term for the typical breakfast choices: bacon, sausage, or ham. As we were gorging on our already quite delicious breakfast, our cheerful and charming waitress came by to see how we were liking our meal and put more food on our table. "Here's some pudding for ya," she beamed, and placed two cupfuls of still warm vanilla pudding down by our coffee.

Now I have a reason to be nostalgic for Wisconsin...

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