Monday, May 9, 2011

"Wood Frogs--Oh Boy!"

That's a quote from my friend Jim Harris, a naturalist and videographer, when we last spoke about hunting for wood frogs back when I was living in the Chicago area.

Wood frogs are rather rare in Illinois; in interior Alaska they are still pretty abundant, and I heard the first wood frog of this spring May 5, a lone frog calling from Simon's small pond in the black spruce bog just west of our cabin.

What do they sound like? Kind of like a quack-quack-quack or a tiny little car engine trying to start. I shot some video of their chorusing last year on May 15, 2010 from the same pond. Turn your sound up, it's pretty faint!
wood frog chorus

Will there be more wood frogs a-calling soon? I hope so, last year they were quite loud at sunset and seemed to be in all the ditches and nooks and crannies around our neighborhood.
photo from Forest Preserves of the Kankakee River Valley, Kankakee, Illinois

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