Friday, November 19, 2010

Wisconsin Man Shoots TV over Bristol Palin Tango

Woman: Doctor! there's something wrong with my TV!

TV repairman: What seems to be the problem?

Woman: I turn it on and all I see is the Palins! Palins everywhere! In red power suits, on salmon boats, tangoing in sequins, help!

TV repairman: Ma'am, your TV is suffering from Stage Three Palin's Syndrome

Woman: Wh...WHAT?!

TV repairman: I'm afraid so.

Woman: But there's a CURE...isn't there?

TV repairman: I'm afraid...there's nothing we can do.

Woman [Sobbing]: First my computer, now my TV! It just keeps spreading and spreading. Why ME???

TV repairman: I'm so very sorry.


[Later, at home]

Man: Maw, be brave now.

Woman: Paw, don't do it.

Man: Stand back, woman, it's either this or one of the cows.

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