Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a reminder...

This person wants to be our next President.

Yeah, yeah, it's a forgery, it's photoshopped, I think everyone knows that by now.

So are the multitude of lipstick-smeared pitbulls clothed in Sarah specs and red power suits.

More than the pitbull images, I think this one captures the spirit of this narcissistic, intellectually incurious social climber from Wasilla who, without an idea in her head much less a plan for the country, is just another ignorant self-promoting windbag trying to be Most Popular Girl in America.

To the far right, this image has become an ikon, a madonna, an Our Lady of the Gas Station Next to the Cash Register if you will.

To the rest of the country it perfectly illustrates what many of us are already thinking in our hearts and screaming in our blogs:


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