Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Yukon Quest

Our picks:

Joe: 1st=S. Deltour; 2nd=K. Anderson; 3rd=L. Mackey; last=K. Griffin; DNF=D. Jacobs
& if he wins: a growler of beer from Silver Gulch!

Dee: 1st=L. Mackey; 2nd=H. Neff; 3rd=B. Sass; last=P. Heritier; DNF=T. Williams
& if she wins: a steak dinner at the Turtle Club!

Gareth: TBD (C'mon Dude, get yer picks in!!)

Simon: 1st=L. Mackey;2nd=Z. Steer; 3rd=H. Neff, Last =T. Williams DNF=D. Jacobs
& if he wins: 40 lb bag of dog food (we're just guessing this is it)

see video on YOU TUBE

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