Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Very Own Outhouse (with Cabin). All we need is a Pee Pot now...

So we disappeared from family and friends radar while in Northwestern Canada (which must be quite common).

Neither Joe nor me could get a signal on our phones, mile after mile. But, phenomenally, Joe got us to Fairbanks in just 5.5 days of driving. Besides mad road skills, the good weather probably helped. We saw the corn and wheatfields of late summer give way to autumn tinged forests as logging trucks plied the highways, and finally we crossed hours and hours of black spruce and numerous rivers spanned by bridges of all sizes. If you've the time and inclination, a trip up the Alaska Highway is well worth it. Plus you can stay in a beautiful cabin when you get here!

Just by chance on our first morning in Fairbanks I ran into a friendly New Zealander with a pickup truck who just happened to have a cabin for rent a few miles from our hosts' place. We got lost on the way to give it a look, and I ended up calling him on my cell when the road dead ended at a swamp and a mean, burned out shack. "Uh, Simon, we're basically at a dead end road with a burned out shack. Is this the place?"

It turned out we'd gone far past it, and once we arrived, we got to walk in to the unoccupied two story log and cedar cabin. Joe and I immediately fell in love with it. As far as cabins go, it is deluxe. Most cabins are "dry" meaning no running water, and an outhouse. We do have an outhouse, but after looking at several I think it's a good one, and the house itself is solid, beautiful, and snug. It's a dream come true for both of us. Joe had wanted a wood burning stove; I'd wanted free wireless, somehow they came together plus we have hot and cold running water. Our commute is about 8 miles from the University, which is doable in the now beautiful fall weather, but come the first snow things will change. We realize we'll need a vehicle, but as with the cabin, serendipity seems to smile on us. The only thing I regret is that I can't show you this beautiful little House on the Boreal Forest; my camera died and until I can figure out the situation you will have to take my word for it. Or come visit. This is a beautiful little place. We feel very lucky to have found it. Stay tuned!

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