Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Alaskiwi Adventure

 Joe and I accepted an invite to join Simon, Gareth and Joanne for 3 nights in the White Mountains.  The trick was to get the rig to the Wickersham Dome parking lot without breaking the bumper off!
YAAAY we MADE it to the trailhead!
View from Crowberry Cabin

Gareth loves sugar

Last time we were here Lassie and her family were little pups!

Joe and Gareth in lumberjack contest to make our firewood

Jasper plays with Elsie and Blob
a winning photo--wins by a nose!
bonfire on a warm (+27 F) night

sourdough flapjacks, mmmmmm!

Joanne and Brownie ready to mush!

too bad the snow machine has other plans

a visitor stops for a rest with his team of beautiful Siberians

another glorious sunset

Gareth hauls a tree to the bonfire

snazzy zebra pants!

Joe straps what looks like a frozen corpse to our sled

Don't forget Jasper!

on the trail back to the parking lot (27miles)


Simon took Joanne for afternoon mushing lesson the day before, and mushed out for home while we went by snow machine to our waiting vehicles

the solution for a badly cracked bumper?? We'll see

pinup girl under the truck hooks the ratchet strap

Jazzy gives his sniff of approval

The finished product. Will it make it the 38 miles home???

Therein lies the adventure...
Jasper says: LET'S GO!

And we made it back to Kiwi Castle and the Royal Fruitcake made from scratch by Simon's Mother and sent all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand

Boys and dogs earn a well earned rest before the New Year's Eve fireworks


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