Saturday, December 1, 2012


welcome home!! I forgot that you were going to Hawaii. I bet you loved it. There is nothing, nothing to bring joy like sun, sand, and sea. And I can't imagine what a welcome relief it must be for you after, well, the cold and dark of Northern Alaska. I love saying Northern Alaska. I mean as if Alaska was not far enough- you are living in Northern Alaska, which somehow adds a dimension of even more remote, more frosty/snowy! How was the trip? Did it do your soul good? Any especially memorable experiences? I pray that you did not meander about in that dreadful hat. When I go to Mexico, I don't try to escape the sun on my skin. I convince myself that a week in the sun is not going to ignite the oncogenes that will bring about my demise.
Anyway. I hope you had a wonderful and rejuvating time.

Thanksgiving in Hawaii.

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  1. Really enjoyed your homepage and looking at those smashing photos'
    Best wishes from the Island of Cyprus