Friday, August 24, 2012

Our 4th Autumn

Summer sure went fast.  Faster than Simon's antiquated yellow truck.

Faster than whatever Joe just saw

Faster than Simon was able to start the truck


So fast I was only able to grow micro-vegetables

And we only had one afternoon to pick 20 lbs of mushrooms

but woo hoo! a dozen wok loads for the freezer

Joe and I had just one weekend for a getaway south past Denali

 past Turnagain Arm
 to Seward and Homer

so fast that by the time we got home again the leaves were turning

and the skies are getting dark

 and you can't just pretend fall isn't happening when fireweed looks like this on the way to the outhouse

We'd driven through every kind of weather and saw full on summer down in Homer

only to come back to ripe fall in Fairbanks

a neighbor gave us these nice tomato plants just before the frost 

Winter is around the corner.
But we have wood. And skis, and sweaters. And wine. And lots to celebrate.

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