Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spaceman, man!

Holy cow, this planet Joe and I landed on is, like, cold.

you definitely need your space suit on just to walk to the mailbox.

if you can find it in all this white stuff. Remember when our old planet, Earth, still had snow?

when we landed we wondered if the ground was covered in snow, or possibly orange sherbet?

Some parts of this planet remind us of Dr. Seuss

And it is in the process of being spoiled. There is the Case of the Mysterious Cigarette Butt Litterbug who lives in our neighborhood:

and we create ice fog with our woodstoves and our cars

if we're not careful we could turn it into a big toxic waste dump just like we did with the old planet.

Joe calls this place "unspoiled". It's true, at least for now.

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