Saturday, June 18, 2011

the garden

Greenhouse stuff went in around mid-May. I decided to expand operations a bit this year with some raised beds planted Memorial Day Weekend (moose be damned!)

The usual "Siberian" veggies: Cabbage, onion

Tomatoes cukes and herbs in the greenhouse as usual to avoid that sudden Fairbanks mid-summer frost!

mixed arugula, lettuce, cress, beet greens, and more carrots

We're trying out a "potato condo" by stacking frames as the plants grow

Meanwhile life goes on. A lesser yellowlegs makes a home in Simon's still-submerged yard

Look Ma, no rain!

The Poet's Corner

a white-faced dragonfly

and of course, Lassie and the Mcloughlin Group are chillin and checking things out

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