Monday, June 14, 2010

Tour of Fairbanks

Team Goldstream: from left Jim Button; Goldstream Sports owner Joel Buth; Tyson Flaharty this year's winner; and our own Joe Huebner

Brother 2 brother: Mark gave Joe lots of love and support

Stage 4: peloton catches leader

Stage 4 earlier, peloton was power-washed by the rain

Joe-Bob "Bad Bob" Huebner gets ready for the time trial in Stage 3!

Oy Vey! Friday's Stage 2 was going great until the skies opened up!


I haven't been able to post anything because it's been raining cats and dogs and we can't get a signal, plus if we venture outside the mosquitoes are brutal. Which was NOTHING compared to the weather this past weekend for the Tour of Fairbanks. Rain? Cold? Wind? Yes, in buckets. Heaps. You want some mountains with that? OK. In the end Goldstream Sports' top contender Tyson Flaharty took first and Goldstream Sports took #2 in overall team standings.

Goldstream's owner Joel Buth finished respectably in the top 11 and team member Jim Button rode strong to the end, finishing 14th.

Our own Joe Huebner was off to a great start, finishing 12th in Stage 4 by Saturday but Joe flatted halfway through the final stage Sunday and finished 23rd. Still, Joe said he felt good about his role in helping Tyson finish on top and he really digs his new gig at Goldstream wrenching bikes and training with some really great guys.

Lest you poo-poo the idea of the Tour of Fairbanks, this is a serious race, attended by people statewide, and pretty contentious between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Last year a guy from Anchorage took the win. This was largely due to the fact that last year Tyson's crank fell off just short of the finish line and the man from team Kaladi-Subway took the win. This year the results speak for themselves.

Congratulations Tyson for your win, and congratulations to the fine Goldstream team for a job well done.

Mr. Huebner after the race was quoted as saying:

"Now back to base, for debriefing, and cocktails."

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