Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Get Eaten by a Bear!

Joe and I live in Goldstream Valley, about 1 mile from a bar and grill called Ivory Jacks. Today Joe got a phone call from our friend Christine, who found out through the mushing grapevine that a very large grizzly bear left some fresh tracks about 1.5 miles N of Ivory Jacks. Here's the message posted on a local blog,
Kevin McCarthy's Dallas Digest

Hi Folks,
Mary Shields just called me to pass on info she got from Fran Bundtzen. There are grizzley bear tracks near her place in Goldstream Valley. She lives on Jones road - 1 1/2 miles N of Ivory Jacks. The O'Connor Creek trail crosses her drive way at a right angle and the tracks were in the area of the trail. Tracks were "huge" with claw marks over 3 inches. So be careful if you are out and about in the vicinity.


For those of you who don't know--it's not good when you see a bear in midwinter. That means it's desperately hungry. The bear may never have denned up because it didn't put on enough fat, or it woke up because it needs more reserves to make it through the winter.

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