Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Gareth!

Yesterday was Gareth's 15th birthday. Joe and I went over to Simon's place for the celebration. There was lots of good food and wine and cake. Gareth got cards and a CD and other stuff, but what he wanted most was what his dad got him--a car battery. Not for a future car, Gareth plans to use the battery to rig up some solar panels so he can run a TV on solar power. He explained how the panels hook up to the battery to another gizmo before the electrons get fed into the TV. Smart kid.

Simon has a sign above his computer: "Remember Who You Wanted to Be"

Such a remembrance can cause a near heart attack of shock/shame for someone my age. But it should never leave our immediate regard, to think about who we still want to be when we see someone just on the threshold of adulthood, figuring out what he wants to be. If every kid was like Gareth I think the world would be in good hands.

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