Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lee's Cabin Stew

Gearing up

Porky and Smokey are ready to go!

on the darkening trail

Ah, a Boy and His Dogs!

Simon and his charges

Christine and Buddha sing the blues. Travis pretends not to listen

The McLoughlin Group

Lee's Cabin

Hittin the trail

Smokey and Joe at the finish line!

Take two large Kiwis. Add one petite Alaskan, throw in two Cheechakos fresh from Chicago. Sprinkle in two grown huskies, nine puppies, and one good-natured black lab. Divide into two vehicles, mix well for 45 minutes, or till you get to the parking lot at Wickersham Dome by sunset. Spread over seven miles of trail, keeping in mind that after dark mixture may get a bit separated. When you get to your destination, add all ingredients to small one-room cabin until well blended. Puppies and dogs may whine, but this can be fixed by feeding, although this may take several batches depending on how many bowls you packed. Serve up hot stew to hungry humans, along with home made sourdough bread, hot sauce, cheese and sausage, fresh avocados, and a nice Cabernet. Serve brownies and Cointreau for dessert. Add a lively game of Shabazz (a dice game invented by one of the Chicagoans, named after Malcolm X's wife). Continue until sleepy, or someone wins four dollars.

Divide mixture among several sleeping bags. Dogs go on the floor. Except for Travis the black lab, who thinks your sleeping bag is his and spreads out over it when you get up to check out the Northern Lights, which by the way are really beautiful and mysterious, like slow-motion lightning. After several hours strange sounds may occur: creakings, thumpings, snorts, whines, an occasional growl, and trickling sounds, followed by strange odors. This may cause one of the Kiwis to get up in the middle of the night in his underwear, because he now has to put down layers of newspapers to absorb all of the puddles of puppy piddle. He may let out groans, and say something like: "Oh, somebody laid an egg right by the door!" and then let out the puppies to complete what they started under our very noses.

After two hours, repeat.

At first light, exhausted cabin contents will slowly begin to rise. The second, slightly smaller Kiwi may rise first and find a patch of wild blueberries, which can then be picked, still frozen on the bush, for a sublime sweet yet tart and still slightly frozen breakfast topping over porridge, bacon and eggs, and tea. Or, you can just take a spoon and dig into them straight. Delicious! After an hour the contents of cabin may expand, after which it is considered prudent to take the bikes for a quick spin up the trail with the puppies who by now have been fed and are vigorously stirred.

After a couple hours, slowly spread contents over return trail to parking lot. At trailhead, again divide into two vehicles and mix well. Puppies may spread over seats and laps a bit after so much exertion, and adult dogs may want to join them rather than be tethered in the pickup bed with the bikes and gear for the ride back to the Hilltop Cafe. After a late lunch/early dinner at the Hilltop, carefully cover leftovers and wrap in several layers of someone's nylon parka so that delicious odors of french fries and meatloaf don't rouse the exhausted dogs. Layer leftovers, Cheechakos, Kiwis, and puppies into pickup truck, drive for 45 minutes or until everyone is home. Remove contents carefully, making sure to put puppies safely into kennel. Everyone will be completely exhausted by then. Feed dogs, and collapse into your own fluffy, soft, and non dog-smelling bed. Sleep for 13 hours straight, or until sun hits you in the face.

Serves good friends and their canine companions generously. Cook this up as often as you wish!

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